The operations at HBR are primarily supported by the pillars i.e. our core team! Tasked with distinct responsibilities in various fields of insurance our core team members look into matters related to claims/compliance/legal/finance/marketing etc. Each individual holds expertise in their respective domain.

Each member of our core team brings unique expertise and skills to our organization, enabling us to deliver exceptional service and tailored solutions to our clients. Their collective experience and dedication ensure that we maintain a high standard of professionalism and integrity.

CA Kaliprasad Bhatt

Founder and Promoter

With over 20 years of experience as a Chartered Accountant, Mr. Kaliprasad brings expertise in strategic and financial planning, accounting, taxation, & financial analysis. He offers valuable insights & guidance to clients in insurance planning and ensuring tailored solutions to meet their goals. His meticulous approach & attention to detail guarantee comprehensive financial solutions.

Mr. Amey E Hase

Head of Claims and Co-Founder

Mr. Amey brings a decade of expertise in insurance claims management to our team. With a comprehensive understanding of policies, regulations, & coverage options, he efficiently handles complex claims processes. His excellent communication & negotiation skills ensure personalized support for clients, advocating for their best interests throughout the claims process. Trust Mr. Amey to provide seamless experiences and timely resolutions.

Mr. Abizer H Rangwala

Head of IT and Co-Founder

Mr. Abizer has a strong IT background and understanding of the insurance industry. With extensive experience in managing IT systems, he ensures seamless technology operations. He specializes in addressing the unique IT needs of insurance brokers, implementing innovative solutions for improved efficiency and enhanced data security.

Mr. Ramesh Y Mudbakhe

Principal Officer

Ramesh Y. Mudbakhe, an experienced claims officer, oversees and manages the entire claims procedure. He assesses insurance claims, confirms coverage, evaluates damages, and settles disputes. With a background in legal affairs, Ramesh handles contract negotiations, dispute resolution, and regulatory compliance for the insurance industry. His extensive experience and knowledge have contributed to the growth & success of the affiliated insurance organization.

Mrs. Namrata S Garud

Head of Underwriting

Namrata S Garud is a highly experienced professional in the insurance industry, serving as the Head of Underwriting. With a strong understanding of underwriting principles & practices, she oversees the underwriting process, evaluating applications, assessing risks, and determining coverage eligibility. Her expertise spans various insurance products, and she excels in delivering high-quality underwriting services while maintaining strong customer relationships.